March 1, 2021 – April 22, 2021 all-day
The Courtroom Gallery @ Gettys
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MARCH 1 — APRIL 22, 2021

exhibit overview

Air & Dust duo exhibit is a contrast of cool and warm, blue and yellow vistas. A visual dialogue of textural divergence—Cat Babbie’s abstractions of cool humidity in fiber art and Joan Coff’s bright strokes of warm southwestern scenes in paint—perhaps visceral enough for you to feel the air and dust on your skin.

exhibition statement


Skyscapes—This series is inspired by how colors and shapes in the sky are affected by changes in time and weather. The Skyscapes are created using a hand-held tufting machine and wool yarn I dye myself.

exhibition statement


Where the Earth Meets the Sky is a collection of works from my travels in the Southwest, when I lived in New Mexico. They say you can see the bones of the earth, and hear the song of the sky, they say you can feel the ancestors. The sense of distance is what I noticed the most, the wide open spaces, the huge sky. I am aware of my smallness. And yes, the light, the amazing light that has called artists for decades.


In the spectrum of styles and mediums, I land in abstract fiber arts. I work with a variety of forms of wool, silk and cotton, everything from tufting to felted sculptures, weaving to sewing. I am currently concentrating on machine-tufting: using a yarn-fed power tool to create wall pillows and soft sculptures with hand-dyed wool.

The dye pot is where I fell deeply in love with the world of textiles. Dyeing the yarn is as important to me as mixing colors is for a painter. The colors I look for have variations within each hank of yarn, which increases the textural aspect of the work, as well as the visual interest. I can create subtleties that are impossible to recreate using commercially dyed yarns.

The tufts are soft, combining subtle color shifts to the undulating texture of yarn. When hung on the wall, the pieces soften the space, and invite the viewers to come closer. Their textures are intriguing. It’s my favorite part of working with textiles: creating work that draws people in, enticing them to interact directly with the fibers.



I'm a recently retired doctor who has painted for 30 years. I just moved to Rock Hill. I've lived in a number of states and traveled the southwest since 1993.

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