Next wIMG_7390eekend, Legal Remedy Brewery is celebrating the coming of Spring with a Spring Recess. One of the Friday Arts Project’s artists, Craig Morrow, was a part of designing the look of the event, including the logo and design so we definitely wanted to take the opportunity to ask him more about the event and his role in it.

How did you get connected with Friday Arts Project?
When my family and I first came to Rock Hill, my wife came across the York County Art Council’s newsletter. It made mention of a still life drawing get together at the Getty’s Center with the group. Long story short, it’s turned into several friendships, a lot of exposure to new drawing techniques and more grown ups that know all the words to ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol’ than I’ve ever seen in one place.
What kind of art are you drawn to and why?
I’ve usually gravitated to line drawings and traditional illustration, with lines that are clean and economical. An artist that is capable of relaying an idea with clear purpose and direction is capable of building an entire world for their audience. The art of Alphose Mucha, Mark Hempel and Yoshitaka Amano are able to cleverly combine economy of line and embellishment. It’s a line I aspire to find, myself.  
You work for Legal Remedy Brewery and they have an event coming up this weekend. Tell us about it.
We’re going to be celebrating Spring in a big way on April 1st. Our party is going to pay homage to the lost art of the carnival. We wanted to bring in Spring in the only languages that matter: Good food, great music, cold beer and brotherhood.
You designed the logo for the event. Did they give you direction for creating it or was it an open ended “We want you to do this; go have fun…”?
It was a collaboration. We saw what we wanted from a distance, so to speak. After some research over a few beers, we found a totem that represents the spirit of Spring and merriment. The jester has usually been a mascot for good times. He’s untouchable and iconic. At that point, it was up to me to determine the best way to bring that idea into focus. 
What was the inspiration for the logo, both the Jester and the style of the illustration?
The woodcut designs of playing cards and tarot decks are the primary influence for the style. Once we knew what subject we wanted, I knew what we needed to do. I knew the logo needed to be versatile and the woodcut style lends to high contrast and clean lines. The jester needed to be something that could translate to a variety of mediums. It needed to look just as good on a pint glass as it does on a shirt.
Do you have any upcoming projects we need to be on the look out for?
I’ve got a few more projects in the work with Legal Remedy, so be on the look out for that in 2017. I’m also working with a retro game shop in Charlotte on some really fun prints from classic video games. I guess all that time I spent drawing when I was supposed to be learning to write words good paid off. I’m finally starting to see some return for the thousands of dollars I dumped into arcade machines. 
Thanks for taking the time to share about this with us. We look forward to celebrating Spring with you and Legal Remedy next Saturday. It’s an all day event from 12pm until they close. For more info, check their Facebook page. One last thing question for Craig: Tell us about yourself and where we can find you:
IMG_7391I can be found online via Instagram and Twitter as @breadczar and in real life in Rock Hill, SC. When I’m not drawing, I’m getting tossed around by my kids, talking plants and music with my wife or telling my dog to get off the couch. I am also one with the Force, although it’s not always with me. I’m usually at Legal Remedy on Friday nights and you should be too.