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Winthrop Discussion Group

Creative Writing Space

Creative Writing Space is for students who want to workshop any of their work, read any kind of writings, and build community around the written word

Location: Owens Lobby (next to the first floor computer lab)

for more information, text Lydia (864) 940-4970


FriArts at Winthrop Events-At-A-Glance

all-day FriArts@Winthrop U Convocation
FriArts@Winthrop U Convocation
Aug 19 all-day
FriArts@Winthrop U Convocation
FriArts at Winthrop’s Convocation …and The Great Sketchbook Giveaway, Part 4 We can’t wait to meet the students at ConvocationHelp us make sketchbooks!Every year at Winthrop University’s Convocation we give away handmade sketchbooks to hundreds[...]


Meet the Friday Arts Project at Winthrop Staff

The Fox’s

Brandi & Chris are Winthrop alum and have been with Friday Arts Project since it started…well maybe since the day after it started. Brandi is a photographer and bookbinder. Chris is a writer and storyteller. They parent two sweet little artists and love filling their home with waffles and people. Follow them on instagram: @chrisfoxonline +

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Caitlin Harvey

Caitlin is our first ever Friday Arts Project Intern! She is a visual artist, vocalist, and all around good plant mom. She loves to sit in her car and think. She loves to collaborate, eat with chopsticks and her newest thing she’s putting her hand to is fabrics and embroidery. Follow her on instagram: @sonarsandwich or

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Dennissa Young

Dennissa is a relational and performance artist. You can usually find her wearing overalls, trying to read you “The Velveteen Rabbit” or napping. Dennissa loves asking questions to get to know you and will be your biggest hype man, both on and offline. Follow her on instagram: @dennissayoung 

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