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JASON HARROD in concert

Friday Arts Project is proud to present singer-songwriter Jason Harrod at The Left Bank, the underground venue at Amelie’s Rock Hill!…

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Looking back-Looking forward: from the director

ROCK HILL, SC – An update from our Executive Director. January 27, 2015 Greetings from the Southern Piedmont I hope 2015 has started off well for you. As I write this, my wife and I have been in Rock Hill officially for 16 months and have...

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Art as Experience | Exhibit + Lecture + Discussion

Friday Arts Project presents a weeklong installation-Art as Experience-at the Gettys Art Center in old town Rock Hill, SC. This is a part of a two week long artist-in residence program.

Historically, a framed artwork has been the modus operandi or usual mode of experiencing art…

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Don’t miss Rock Hill’s weekend Art Party with music, food, film and lots of ‘beauty’

November 14 2018

Drawing With The Arts Council of York County

Morning Break –

October 21 2018

Drawing with The Arts Council of York County

I’ll Bite – Rock Hill event celebrates food and art

January 22 2014

The Friday Arts Project Will Delight – And ‘Dazzle’

January 28 2014

Rock Hill: No Need to Leave

May 3 2013


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