Food & Art Cookbook | Volume 2

Wire Coil Cookbook

5.125 x 8.25 (W x H) in Inches, 56 pp., Full-color.

Contains recipes and art from friends of Friday Arts Project!

The second volume of our popular (and sold out) Food & Art Cookbook. Food & Art Cookbook Volume 2 contains a brand new collection of recipes and artwork.

Bound with a sturdy black metal coil, lays flat and allows for a full rotation of the pages. 120# Heavy Cover coated with flat matte uv coating to help protect contents. Interior pages printed on coated paper.

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Thanks to all of our friends who contributed a cherished recipe and beautifully crafted artwork. Please be sure to check out their websites, where indicated next to their work. We are so grateful to be part of such a generous & robust art community.

Cover Artwork: Sarah Kennedy Irwin, Repetition #4 Fondue Pots. © Sarah Kennedy Irwin /

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