Seth Rouser


Robert, 2014

Print (reproduced from the original graphite drawing)

4 x 6 in

$20 (framed)

8 + 1 =


A native of South Carolina, Seth Rouser’s work has often ranged in formal style, varying from abstraction to realism.  Much of his work in painting is defined by deft combinations of techniques and modes of image making.  This inclusive and mixed approach has lead to the creation of unique and innovative pictorial forms, which reveal an interest in bringing harmony to seemingly contradictory elements.  The latest paintings of cloudscapes continue to reflect his aesthetic interest in mixing styles, while engaging in a more accessible theme of human experience, constant change.  The result is a more conscious application of abstract gesture, demonstrating the very basic desire, felt by the artist and by all, to establish a meaningful mark upon a world in flux, to freeze time and contemplate it, to say simply, I am here.  Seth Rouser currently resides in Rock Hill, SC, where he is a practicing artist and Assistant Professor at Winthrop University.  He holds an MFA in Painting from ECU.